Vedinor Law Offices truly cares about the community and is committed to working for a better and more sustainable world. For us, making a profit is not the most important thing. We want to do good and bring back to the community. Naturally, the easiest form for us is using our legal knowledge and expertise for the benefit of those in need.

To make our values clear and concrete, we have adopted the following giving back program:

We offer regularly pro bono legal advice for clients that do not have the financial means for obtaining legal services, mainly in the practice are of Digital Brand Strategy and Protection. Our lawyers are committed to doing at least 50 hours of pro bono work per year. We will share information about our pro bono work in our yearly Giving Back Report.

If you need free legal advice in the areas we work with, you can email us at Kindly introduce your business, provide your website address and social media handles and briefly tell where you need help. Please note that we will ask proof of your financial situation, and are only able to provide assistance for a very limited amount of cases. So the better you can tell us your story, the more likely we are considering you as our next pro bono client.

Each of our employees and members of the company board is committed to do at least one volunteer day per year for a cause that they choose.


Vedinor is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its work and has a green office policy.  Our policies include:

  • When choosing vendors, suppliers and business partners, prioritizing organizations that embrace sustainable business practices
  • Monitoring and reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing paper use through electronic signing, archiving, administration and double-sided printing
  • Recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum
  • Encouraging employees to work remotely whenever possible
  • Favoring trains over cars and planes when traveling, and when traveling by car, favoring electronic cars over traditional
  • Instead of travel, using electronic communication means whenever possible

If you have any questions about our CSR or environment policies, please email us at