Our fee is time-based or fixed-price, depending on the case. We keep our hourly rate transparent, and we regularly inform the customer about the billing situation.

We do not charge for a reasonable number of calls of less than 10 minutes or for reading / answering e-mails that take less than 10 minutes, which means that the so-called basic communication is free of charge in our assignments.


230 € / h + possible VAT


260 € / h + possible VAT

General remuneration aspects

The minimum time-based billing unit is 0.25 hours.

The remuneration is determined for each assignment according to the working time, quantity and quality of work required. In addition, the degree of difficulty of the task and the value and importance of the benefit in question are taken into account.

An increased fee may be charged for a task that must be performed outside regular working hours, in a foreign language or abroad, or in particularly difficult circumstances, or for reasons beyond the control of a lawyer.

The invoice shows the tasks, the costs, the due date and default interest, the time used and the time basis or a fixed fee.

Invoices shall be paid via electronic bank transfer as default.

We generally ask for a retainer for the estimated fees and costs.

Costs, such as governmental fees, are always invoiced before hand.