Looking for trademark services?

We advise and assist in all kinds of trademark matters with professionalism and sound experience. We can help our clients in all countries via our network of reliable IP professionals in the countries that require using local trademark attorneys. If you are looking for a place where you can get your trademark matters handled in one shop internationally, we are the one you are looking for – whether you want to use the Madrid System for international registration or individual registrations in different jurisdictions.


We can apply for trademark registration on your behalf, for example in the European Union or in countries like Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, France, Benelux, China, Japan or internationally.

The prices of the full-range registration service in the EU start at € 450 + VAT, including a trademark search (whether the trademark is available) and giving an oral opinion on whether the conditions for registrability are met. Ask for a quote in other countries or internationally. You can get your trademarks searched and filed for registration in any country via us, the prices vary.

If you want only the filing of an application, the price is 450 € + VAT in the EU / 1 class. Comprehensive trademark clearance searches from 500 € + VAT in the EU / 1  class, legal clearance opinion from 200 € + VAT in the EU / 1 class. Ask for a quote in other country. Read more about our flat fee EU trademark search and filing services here.

We also assist cost efficiently in renewals of trademarks.


We assist in legal proceedings, for example in front of the EUIPO, if an opposition is filed against the registration of a trademark.

If your candidate mark is potentially confusing, we can assist with negotiating consent and coexistence agreements with other trademark holders, which might make it possible to register the mark.

If you suspect that your trademark is being infringed, we will assist in selecting the appropriate approach, draft a cease and desist letter if necessary, and negotiate with the alleged infringer on your behalf with expertise. We have special expertise in trademark infringement on the Internet and social media.

We assist in various types of trademark disputes in courts with expertise.


We draft trademark agreements, such as licensing, assignment and merchandising agreements. We also know how to take into account important considerations in trademark and brand franchise situations. We offer most agreements on a flat fee, contact us to get a quote for your situations.

We perform trademark and IP audits for companies and as part of legal due diligence.


We have extensive experience and insight into brand strategy and brand protection, especially in the digital environment. With us, you will receive strategic yet practical advice when you want to plan your company’s intellectual property strategy and brand building.


Our expertise in the field of the Internet and social media ensures that we also have experience in modern trademark issues, such as hashtag trademarks, brand strategies for Facebook and other groups, and brand protection on social media.

Our firm is particularly known for providing cost efficient services including keyword, social media and Amazon infringement representations.


We also provide expertise in other intellectual property matters, such as patents, business names, copyright and design protection. We work closely with a global network for IP professionals and can help you with your IP matters anywhere in the world.


We work on fixed fees whenever possible. We provide exquisite customer service and wish to be our client’s loyal partners in their business journey.

We are able to offer lower cost services without sacrificing quality by utilising remote business model and keeping our firm structure simple. At Vedinor, our overheads are low, but services first class. When you engage with our firm, you only pay for the services you need.

Contact us today, email communications@vedinor.com, call +358931546648 or schedule an initial trademark consultation below, it’s always free!